Day 334 – Life is short, eat dessert first

Our last night in Vegas was a ton of fun, sadly, not everything we planned, but we did have a great time.  Dinner was at the Hofbrauhaus.  Rich had wanted to go there all week and we could never quite manage it, so Saturday night at six found us sliding in to a table next to two guys just finishing their dinner.  We ordered our steins full of beer and asked for recommendations, dessert was just being served next door.  I said I’d start with one of those!  Our waiter smiled and said, “I like your style” and ran off to get apple strudel for my appetizer.  When he returned we ordered the sausage  platter for two, delicious.  The party was just getting started with the polka band and the jagger shots.  That place gets rowdy.  We ended dinner with an appetizer, a cheese plate with a large, and I mean gigantic, warm pretzel.  I love having a meal backwards, you just never know when there will be a fire drill and dessert gets left out, some days, I just don’t want to chance it.

I don’t often order dessert first, but when I do, I certainly expect it.  Only one time do I remember not being able to get it.  In 2009, I visited Zanzibar with my Dad, Step-mom, Pam and sister, Tracie.  We had been on a photo safari for awhile already when we made the jaunt to the island.  To say the least, it was interesting.  The hotel we stayed at made up for any shortcomings of the island or the people, it was incredible.  We were there for Easter dinner, so chose the “exclusive” restaurant for that meal.  A prix fixe menu was presented, seven courses, all apparently necessary to serve in order.  Pam and I wanted dessert first, they wouldn’t serve it.  We were outraged, or at least thought we were, that may have been the rum drinks we had enjoyed at the tiki bar.  We ended up having an incredible meal and dessert was worth waiting for, but patience just isn’t one of my virtues, or at least not one I want to test often.


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