Day 338 – Spooky, Spooky

One of my friends posted on FB, “It’s so funny…years ago all my friends posts would have been about their Halloween costumes, but all night has been all about their kids…too funny & I’m enjoying it too much! Really, we’re not getting old…lol”   He couldn’t have been talking about us could he?

Big and I are in Vegas this week for the SEMA show.  SEMA is the largest automotive show out there, it’s huge.  Up to 37 miles of show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center, an incredible experience that is intended for those in the “industry.”  Our industry even has their own Off-road Hall.  We’ve spent the last three days talking to people who make our industry work, we’ve walked miles of halls and seen some awesome vehicles and parts.  Yesterday I even ran in to a woman I hadn’t seen in 25 years among the tens of thousands of people here, Big thought that was crazy, I recognized her as someone I knew, I just didn’t know from where, turns out she was the nurse for my OB/GYN back when Kayla was delivered…so long ago.

Last year we went out to the Strip on Halloween, we saw all kinds of incredible costumes, most of them were not very tasteful, some were way out there.  Personally, I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years, and I hope to keep it that way. Last night we didn’t go near the Strip, it was a great night for staying in.

I like to see little kids dressed up, they have some awesome costumes, but most importantly, they love it.  Last year, my grandsons were dinosaurs, one in Idaho and one in Alaska, I’m still waiting to see pictures from this year.  My FB was flooded with princesses and superheroes, bumblebees and pirates, and my personal favorite, a sushi roll.  Great job Rose on Jimmy’s costume!



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