Day 345 – Woke up in the wrong bed this morning.

Ever had one of those mornings?  Things just aren’t quite right?  Today was one of those, we had an awesome drive yesterday from Cortez to Rangley, really enjoyed it, this morning we woke up in Rangley, me right next to Rich where I belonged, in case you were wondering, We got breakfast, all set for a meeting with some guys who want to build an offroad course.  Only problem is…we were in the wrong city!  Yep, we were supposed to be in Craig, Colorado, not Rangely.  No where in all of our conversations with those guys did we figure that out.  Ninety miles later, we were in Craig.

Travel days

It is fun to visit with guys who share our passion for Rockcrawling, to listen to what they want to build and why.  There are all sorts of courses all over the US that have been built or designed by the WE Rock crew, it’s going to be fun to take from the best of those to build this course.  You can stop in Tucson, AZ; Oroville, CA; Tooele, UT, Ocotilla Wells, CA  to find some of our handiwork.  This past year we went back to natural courses for all of the WE Rock events for 2012 and 2013, but it will be good to work with this crew to get another man-made facility operational for the 2014 season.

This was just another day in the life of my 50th year, not stellar in the overall scheme of things, but some times it’s just how you get from day to day.  Check out the map of our drive this week, we covered some beautiful territory.  And don’t forget to follow this blog, either by logging in to WordPress with the Follow button on top or Follow by email on the left hand side.  Thanks.



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