Day 356 – BOOKS! Said like a swear word

Last Christmas we moved out of our house and in to our mobile unit.  We live in a 280 square foot converted furniture trailer, it has a bedroom with a queen size bed, a bathroom with a large shower and a living space.  The living space encompasses about half of the square footage and doubles as a kitchen and office too – I guess that means it triples instead of doubles.  The space is very utilitarian, wood floors that can be dirty or muddy, walls that could be wiped down – no glamour or opulence here, none is needed and I would just be disappointed when it got dirty, and it would get dirty.

When the house was being emptied, I left, I went to SoCal with my daughter to work on the Rose Parade and Josh came in from NorCal to help Big with the move.  I had a lot of stuff, most of it was being auctioned off, so the boys loaded it in to a storage trailer to be parked at the auction barn.  Part of my “stuff” was books, lots and lots of books.  Poor Josh got to move most of them.  I love books, all kinds, no specific genre for me, I’ll read it all.

Books 🙂

It was about 1995 when my Mom and I had a revelation.  We decided that we were old enough and mature enough to NOT have to wait for the paperback version of our favorite authors.  Thus began the acquisition of hardcover books, did I mention I had a lot of them.  By the time Josh had unloaded all the books from the floor to ceiling bookshelves in the “library” he had moved hundreds of pounds of books and replaced the F* word with the B* word.  When we finally met the boys at the Hammers for New Years, Josh just used Books! Whenever he swore.  It was hysterical.  To this day, I can’t get him to lift a book for me.

My love of books comes from my dad, he was always reading something, usually something heavy and historical, but always something.  My goal for the last several years has been to read 50 books a year, I’ve not accomplished it until this physical year, now for my 50th year, I have the same goal, I’m on number 2 and 3 right now and they are both so good, I can’t decide which one to pick up, generally it depends on the lighting, one is a physical book, the other is on my kindle (which I can read on my backlit Tablet.)

It’s funny, Josh doesn’t swear when he hands me my Tablet, I wonder if he knows how many books are on there?  What method do you like to use to read?


3 thoughts on “Day 356 – BOOKS! Said like a swear word

    • I’ve had my Kindle since early 2009, what a great invention. I really like it better than the apps, but I generally have my phone or tablet with me so it’s easier to read that way.

      • If I had a tablet I might use it, but I’ve never needed one. I like that the Kindle is the size of a (slender) book, and the screen’s bigger than a phone. Not that I don’t read on my phone when nothing else is available. 🙂

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