Day 362 – The Biggest Adventure You’ll Ever Take is to Live the Life of your Dreams

Lucas Oil Off Road Expo, Pomona

We spent the last two days at the Lucas Oil Off Road Expo in Pomona, California.  A huge event attended by thousands of people from all over the surrounding states.  I talked with people from Twenty-Nine Palms, from Lake Havasu, from Barstow, from Corona; all came together to share in the passion they have for off-road, to live a little part of their dreams.  My job this weekend was selling t-shirts.  My friend, Charlene, has this great concept working, it’s called  She carries lines of shirts that other people produce, including many race teams.  Almost all of the race teams are rock sports oriented, so not everyone knows them yet, but it’s great to support the teams that support us.  In addition, she has a line of girls’ shirts called “I’m Not Just a Girl.”  She created the line to provide women an opportunity to buy things that celebrate them at outdoor events, because most of us aren’t just girls, we are far more than that.  I enjoyed the weekend and the opportunity to talk to old friends and new at a place that celebrates our passions and dreams.

Race Team Store

You see, I’m one of the lucky ones, getting to live the life of my dreams, it includes travel and adventure, good friends, good books, new destinations and two other very important qualities, laughter and love.  Decide what your dream is, then takes the steps to make it happen.  Don’t let fear get in your way of living it.  One of the most important things to drop is the need to get everyone else’s approval.  You won’t please everyone, so live what’s best for you.  Recognize that and believe in what you are doing so you can sell those that are just a little hesitant.  Those that are dead set against it, you won’t please no matter what you do, so put them aside.  Remember it’s your dream to live, not theirs.


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