Day 364 – Life Should Not be Lived, It Should be Celebrated

2012 Program

Today we Celebrated, done with the travel part, I awoke in SoCal with a much better attitude, a good nights sleep at my favorite SoCal hotel, the Ayres Suites (ok, here’s a secret – if you need to stay down here, stay at the Ayres-Corona West – tell them you have a meeting with Monster and your rate will be fantastic – shhhh, that’s our secret), breakfast with my daughter, Haley, a few errands around the local cities and then we all checked in to the Sheraton in Pomona.  Now, we don’t usually stay at the Sheraton, but this weekend is a special event there – the Lucas Oil Off Road Expo


and since so many of the conversations take place at the bar, it just makes sense to be right here.

The celebration part took part this evening at the Off Road Hall of Fame (Ormhof) with a great meal in fancy clothes and some very good speakers.  It is wonderful to see three well qualified candidates get inducted into the Hall of Fame, fun to get dressed up, great to get to share in the hard work and efforts of others.  Tonight’s emcee was Jim Arute of ABC’s Wide World of Sports Fame, what great stories he told.  Haley joined us for the presentations and it was fun to point out to her who the off road “celebrities” were – the people responsible for our industry – Walker Evans, Sal Fish, Malcolm Smith, Ivan Stewart, Rick Pewe – great men who come together with great passion.  I love that.


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