I love when they fight over me….

My birthday is tomorrow…number 49 – not really a milestone, but an important day to me.  I have a girlfriend who says “My life is way too important to only be celebrated on a single day!”  I love that, so I’m starting early.  Monday, my sister called to wish me a Happy Birthday.  Tuesday, my oldest and bestest friend wished me a happy bday – and today it started on Facebook.  My fiance wanted to be first, so he posted on FB, then two others followed with second and third – then the avalanche began.  I love that, because the argument started shortly thereafter.  My sister claimed to be first – my fiance responded with “If it doesn’t happen on Facebook, it never happened.”  Isn’t that a commentary on how our life has become.

So for the record, the timing is such that Tracie wins, Rusty is second, Rich is third…BUT – my birthday isn’t until tomorrow, so the first AFTER midnight will be the official winner!!!


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