My three words

LiveI’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions, I’m too busy writing new goals every week or month during the year, I save new year’s for reflection.  It’s my moment to look back at the prior year with gratitude. My favorite tradition is to write New Year’s cards to those who had an impact on my life.  There are always so many, I’m sure I leave someone out.  I have so much to be thankful for, the new year is a good time to share that.

So, no New Year’s Resolutions for me, instead I am following a number of writers who suggest identifying three words that carry you through your year.  Three words that help me to focus, to stay on track, to get things done.  It took a week, but finally the three words just ran in to my head and they simply won’t leave.

Really, I’ve tried, but those same three words keep assaulting me, every where I go, I see an application.  In the morning when I wake, at least one of the words jumps up to say “look at me!”  I’m excited for the year ahead, just having identified my words will help me to stay on track.

My three words are:

Abundance • Energy • Intention

My life has so much good in it, I am incredibly blessed.  It is filled with wonderous abundance in so many ways.

Energy comes in so many forms, I find that if I remind myself how much energy I have to tackle all my tasks, it helps me to stay positive and upbeat through even the most droll tasks.

I refuse to just let life pass me by, every day, I live with Intention.  I face the world with intention, each day I know exactly what I want to accomplish, some days it doesn’t all get done, but there is always a goal.

What are your three words?

Meeting my Art Goals

artjournalLast year at this time, I set a goal for myself, I do that a lot!  But this one was completely different than most of them.  My goal was to complete the Documented Life Project 2015.  DLP is an art journal prompt, one each week for a year.  Art, really? What do I know about art?

Turns out, I know a lot more now than I did a year ago.  I have always been a crafter, I can copy what others do pretty easily, but designing things myself is a whole other story.  Fortunately, the Art to the 5th ladies and their guest artists provided a ton of inspiration each week. Each week, they gave a prompt, some photos and a theme.  My job was to incorporate these things in to a double page each week.

There were times during the year that I was severely behind, up to 10 weeks, quite often due to our schedule.  But I never gave up.  I would choose a day and tell Rich, “I’m going to art today.”  And break out my supplies.  A little paint here, some colored pencils, stencils, stamps, inks and paper.  It all came together to record my year.  I documented my life.  Each page includes a little bit of a planner, some recording as to where we were, what we were doing, who we were doing it with.  And now that I’ve come to the end of the year, I added some photos to the back.  It truly is a representation of what we did all year long.  My daughter has asked that I pass it down to her when I’m done with it.  It’s kind of like a scrapbook of our year.  I always had good intentions of scrapbooking, but could never pull it off.  It feels good to have this done.

Most of the pages can be found here – CLICK NOW

So here it is, a good representation of the art I created.  I learned a lot this year, but these were the most important lessons:

  • Color is my friend
  • Anything can inspire you
  • Pages don’t have to be perfect
  • That if I commit, I can do anything
  • Just because I get behind, I can catch up
  • That I am thankful for all the communities I belong to

If you are wondering what I’m up to that’s new, check out my new website


In Review

I think that title might describe my life…in review.  I am always looking in the rear view mirror to see if I’m measuring up to some ideal I have about who I am.  I spend a lot of time reviewing my actions, my travels, my words.  Those are but a memory, I should probably be focused on the future.  But it’s hard to leave behind the past…in so many ways.

I feel compelled to take a look at 2015 to see how it stacked up.  In the travel department, it was awesome.  We did our usual traipsing around the US throughout the year – from California to Florida to Maine, and a ton of states in between.  We ventured up to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick after a rousing 4th of July spent in Boston.  We saw our Nation’s Capital in the spring, we hit Disney World in January, and Australia in October.  I love the travel, it is one of my greatest joys, to experience other cultures and ways of life.

Our family is good, everyone seems to be making their way in the world without too much interference from us.  The grandchildren are awesome and growing like weeds, the boys think Grandpa is awesome, the girls are still deciding, but seem to be coming around.

We had a tragedy strike our business early in the season, and although we recovered to be able to continue, it still weighs heavy on our thoughts. Safety continues to be our primary concern.

Our friends were, once again, awesome, throughout the year.  So many that reached out to us on so many occasions to make us welcome in their worlds.  We are so fortunate.  The people we meet and spend time with provide context to all the travel, they are the reason we enjoy our time on the road so much.

Each year I work towards something new and different, I set aside things that aren’t working as I want to so that I can re-work them until they make sense.  Two years ago, I launched All Terrain Hero – the concept made sense to me, we already had a race track, why wouldn’t we put runners on the same course and give it double duty (on different days, of course).  Things I hadn’t considered were – how remote our tracks are; how exhausted my team is after a real race day; that I don’t know how to break in to the running community.  Some locations did ok, some not so much.  So, while we will continue to support The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation through other fundraising, I’m going to shelve All Terrain Hero for a bit.

This year, my launch is something online that I’ve been doing for a long time, but had been doing individually instead of to the masses.  I launched a new website on the 1st and will be sharing more of that as we move along.  If you want a sneak peek (it’s anything but perfect right now) – go ahead and take a look at It will improve with age, but the concepts are all there.

Thank you for a great and powerful year, it truly was awesome, 2016 is going to be even more so, more good things are coming our way.  We truly are living in a time of blessed abundance.

And now I'll doJoin me won’t you?

What does Christmas Mean to Me?

Choose Today to be Happy

So yesterday, I got some great news, I won a contest on Facebook from OzTent USA.  They asked “What does Christmas Mean to You?”  Here’s what I told them:

“Christmas is about recognizing the good in all of us; the celebration of religious holidays together with family and friends by our sides.  It is giving our time and money to others less fortunate, it is recognizing that everyone celebrates differently, it is about traditional meals and gifts, smiling faces and love for each other.  Whatever your tradition, make sure you include someone new, someone in need and someone you love, that will make Christmas a happier time for all.”

When I wrote that, I was thinking about all the Christmases something wasn’t quite right, the year Kayla didn’t get anything she wanted; the years we traipsed to my in-laws and sat like cardboard waiting for the “family” Christmas to be over – each of us with our orange and candy in a brown paper sack.  I thought about ringing the bell for the Salvation Army this week and all the people that will be better served, not just by my hours, but the hours of all the volunteers all over the country.  I thought of the traditional food we put on the table, a repeat of Thanksgiving because it’s my favorite meal to cook.  I thought about all the people who don’t cook great meals, because they don’t know how and where do they go?  I thought about those with no one to spend Christmas with and realized, once again, how lucky I am.  We may not have everything, but we truly have it all.  Our lives have turned out to be the best I could hope for.  There is love in my heart every day, there is a kiss and a cuddle and acknowledgement and all the things I was missing when I hadn’t figured out who I wanted to be.  I no longer go to church and celebrate the birth of Christ as I once did, but he is in my heart as I approach the world with as much kindness as I can muster.  I don’t exchange gifts with anyone, but take great pleasure in sending gifts to the kids and grandkids, and cards to our tribe.

My life is not perfect, it is better, it is lived, with love and laughter, with smiles and tears, with gratitude and joy.  I am so lucky.


Another Lucky Day

bellringingI had the best day today!  For years, I have been trying to connect with the Salvation Army so I could be a bell ringer.  One year we were in a small town in Montana, you had to travel 60 miles to get signed up; the next year we were in California, another place with a lot of red tape.  Today, we are in Moab, Utah – one phone call, and I was a bell ringer.  My first shift was today, and how much fun it was.  I want to get voted friendliest bell ringer, so I smiled big and spoke to everyone. Of course, they don’t actually elect a friendliest bell ringer, so my real purpose was to bring a little joy in to everyone’s day.

For two hours, I spoke to everyone going in and out of City Market.  It’s the only decent grocery store in town, so everyone goes there.  For 28 straight days, six hours a day, a bell ringer stands in front of the doors.  Everyone in town has plenty of opportunities to donate, so it is awesome when they do on your shift.  The collections in those bright red buckets stay 90% in your local community.  They help so many locally, this is the biggest fundraiser of the year.

On top of meeting lots of strangers, I ran in to someone I have known for almost 20 years.  Back when my son was about 12, I was sitting in one of many awards assemblies at the middle school, the man sitting next to me was soon to be Superintendent of Schools in my home town – and his son was one of my son’s best friends.  The first words Scott spoke to me were, “I think we’ll probably spend a lot of time in these bleachers.”  His prophecy was correct, we watched the boys earn awards for a zillion different things over the years until they graduated.  Scott is now the Superintendent of Schools in this little town.  I had no idea!  It was great to talk to a familiar face.

I’ve got another shift coming up on Sunday, I am looking forward to that.  Find your place, people, find a way to give back and enjoy the process, I know I got far more out of today than anyone giving, and probably more than those who will receive, too.  I love my life!


Being Nice

Slide5It’s that time of year when every one is focused on being nice, doing random kindness acts for strangers.  I love this time, when everyone is focused on others.  I wish it carried forward.

I have been trying to do my share lately, not sure I’m pulling it off, but I’m trying.  Here are some things I’m sharing:

I have five people that I am coaching through a series on how to live a healthier life.  Eating better, how to shop, how to eat – this isn’t a diet, this is a lifestyle change. (if you are interested, drop me a line at

I have another five people that I am facilitating sharing good, healthy recipes with. (another choice, I would love to share with you)

I sent 24 books each to my grandchildren’s homes to help them count down for Christmas.  I love the gift of reading.

Next week, I get to be a bellringer for the Salvation Army, something I’ve wanted to do for years.

Everyday I’m looking for one thing I can do for others, are you doing the same?

My goal in life is bigger than this though, I want to help others find their gift, succeed in whatever they choose to do.  I’ve got talents, just trying to figure out how to use them for good.  And my secret on how to focus on the good?  Sometimes, you have to turn off the media hype and live the life you choose too.

I want to thank the coaches that are helping me be me – Jerrilyn Knight, Wendy Lipton-Dibner, Trisha Hammer, and Chris Brogan.  I am learning a lot.

Happy Holidays to all of you!

The Land of Oz…part one

We’ve been in Australia for the better part of three weeks, it’s time to start sharing our trip with you, now that we are out of the hinterlands…here’s a representation of the trip in photos and a few things I loved, and a few things that, maybe, I didn’t love :-)
DSC_0196 DSC_0181 DSC_0174 DSC_0066 DSC_0349 DSC_0269 IMG_20151026_180529600

Loved: Good coffee can be found everywhere
Not So Loved:  Aussies have no concept of Large

Loved: There are bakeries with fresh baked delicious cakes
Not So Loved: There are bakeries with fresh baked delicious cakes

Loved: The birds are exotic and noisy and have a ton of personality
Not So Loved: The birds are pests, you have to watch your stuff all the time

Loved: 4×4’s are natural here
Not So Loved:  Everyone calls them utes

Loved:  Streaky bacon
Not So Loved: Everything pork related is called bacon, it should be called ham

Loved:  The National Parks
Not So Loved: There are so many bugs in nature

Stay tuned…this is just a teaser post

It’s a Monday…

Rampage 2015

Days of the week are a mystery to me.  Our lives don’t revolve around a standard work week, so when people complain about Mondays, I’m usually like “whoohoo, it’s a travel day today!”

When folks say “TGIF”, I’m like “WHOOHOO, it’s almost Race Day!”  I love race days!

Today is bittersweet, it’s a Monday, the last Monday before the last race of the year. This time of year, my mind is always ramped up with “Now, What?”  It’s not that we don’t have plans for the next few months, but this always feels like the end.  And I hate endings.

The race season has been accomplished, busy, challenging, dreamlike, exhausting, finished, genius, honest, inspired, joblike, kinetic, loved, magical, natural, obsessive, passionate, quiet, rewarding, successful, treasured, unique, victorious, winsome, yet, oh so zectacular!  (I ran out of ideas for letters :-) I am a huge fan of our racers, rockcrawlers, marketing partners, spectators and staff.  Without each and everyone of you, our lives would be less fullfulling.  Thank you for all you do for us, for supporting our dreams.

Rich has a new pitch when someone asks him what he does, he says he provides an adrenalin filled event for competitors in rock sports that want to have fun and enjoy their lives.  What do you think?  Is that an accurate description?  I know it’s only Monday, but I’m already looking forward to Thank God It’s Friday…race day cometh!

Do unto others….

karmaI had an epiphany this morning!  No doubt, it was already rumbling around in my head, but today, I was finally able to verbalize it.  It happened when my husband thanked me for taking care of him.  Can I tell you, that is one of my favorite things in the world to do.

Rich had surgery earlier this week to repair an umbilical hernia, the hernia wasn’t new, it’s been hanging around for years, but he finally decided it was time to repair it.  That had a lot to do with the amount of weight he has lost in the last year, the hernia no longer had the padding around it and was becoming uncomfortable.  This surgery is done all over the country on a daily basis, but that didn’t stop me from worrying. In fact, I have come to the conclusion that I am a world class worrier.  While this surgery was minor by most standards, it was huge to me.  This man is my world.

Now I don’t mean that in the sense that I don’t have an identity without him, it’s just that we have intertwined our lives so completely that without him and our offroad career, I have no home, no job, no family (no offense to my kids), no friends.  I know I can make more, but this is the lifestyle we have chosen together and I love that.  Several times this year, we have talked about retiring, it always comes back to….but, I love our family!

So back to my epiphany, when you are young and in a relationship, oftentimes you are keeping score, who does what for whom.  If I do the dishes, he should do the laundry, if I put the kids to bed, he should do …, there is always a score.  What a mistake that is!

As Rich thanked me this morning, I realized that I get as much pleasure out of taking care of him as he does.  I look for ways to do things for him, which focuses me on looking for ways to do things for others too.  This is the take away, if you are working for others, you don’t have time or energy to be jealous or disappointed when someone doesn’t do something for you.  How much more positive is life like this!

Living a Life of One’s Own

outloud quoteWelcome, if you are new here…let me introduce myself.

Each day I meet new people, I travel to new places, I live my life out loud. It’s an interesting way to exist. No “home” to speak of, just 280 rambling square feet. No “community” to live in, just random people sharing their lives with us. No “job” to report to, just providing events to those who share our passions. We (my husband and I) are not the norm, we’ve broken free of the script written by our parents and peers to live the life that we imagined.

Now what we do isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I don’t sit on a beach with my laptop staring at the ocean all day, although I wouldn’t mind that some days. I don’t get five-star service with staff around the clock, can’t even imagine what that would be like. I don’t live a life of luxury, nor do I want to. What I do have is freedom. Freedom to choose where I am going to be, the schedule I’m going to be on and the people I’m going to be with. I have the freedom to say no, to reach out when I choose, to hermit when it’s necessary. My life is my own.

I think that’s what each of us strive for, to live the life that we create, to own it, everyday. My life is filled with happy people, with adventurers, with difference makers. With artists and craftsman, with dreamers and doers. Will you find me on Wall Street? No. Will you find me on Main Street? Sometimes. Will you find me online? Definitely. Will you find me at events where people are living their passions. Absolutely!

I blog to reach others, to share my beliefs in the world and the positivity that we witness. We are the fortunate ones, I’d love for you to join me in my adventures and views on the world. Sometimes we are “arting”, sometimes, we are “adulting”, but every day we are living. That to me, is the greatest freedom available.